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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of hundred thousand. i would consider it a large sum of money." whitham has worked at aurora emergency services for 22 years, been a full-time employee 12 and became treasurer a year squad president ed opp says the fact that someone with that kind of record is a person-of-interest in a criminal case is sad. sad. "he's very well known, very well liked in the community and he's missing and we're very concerned about his whereabouts and his well being." being."aurora emergency serices makes over 1,000 runs a year and is funded by riverboat gambling profits, insurance reimbursements and donations.they just outfitted a new ambulance and hope to buy a new building soon. soon. "we're a volunteer organization. we're not for profit organization and it hurts us if we have a financial difficulty." difficulty."as the criminal investigation proceeds, the concern is for craig whitham's whereabouts. whereabouts. "very unlike him. he is the most dependable, repsonsible person you could ever imagine." imagine."opp made a plea to
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friend. "i'd like to tell him to come home. everyone here would like to see him come home. we miss him. and, i hope he's safe." that was nine on your side's tom mckee reporting.we want to stress that aurora emergency rescue is a privately owned, not-for-profit doesn't get any taxpayer money and is not affiliated with the aurora fire deparment. a shocking discovery at an apartment building in mount airy this morning. police their home. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live with more on the investigation. police found a husband and wife shot to death inside this apartment building on west north bend road. i spoke to neighbors who say they would often see the couple anything wrong. a concerned family member called and asked for police to check on the couple at bonanza apartments. when they got inside, they found 56 year old larry furr and 55 year old
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morning.police are waiting on results from the coroner's office to determine what led up to the deadly shootings.joe fliehman lives in the apartment right next to the couple. he noticed that their cars hadn't moved in days but never thought anything of it. when police got here and opened the furr's door, he says the smell was overwhelming. joe fliehman12:44:46 they were good people. i always talked to them as much as i could. i didn't ever think this would happen. 53reginald smith 12:44:06 i am shocked. that's crazy. i never expected to come home and hear that. 09 police are not looking for any suspects at this time. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. he left something behind -- and what luck that he did.a man looking for a missing iphone -- finds a dog trapped in a water pit instead! instead!fire crews were able to get *juno* out -- that pit was filled with cold water... it was up to two feet in some areas.ben kelly says there was
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"we're lookign aroudn and josh goes theres a dog down there and i said taht ain't a dog, anand he said that's a doog -- we looked and he was whimpering and sure enough -- we think what's it doing down there" there"as it turns out -- the dog was returned to her owner who recently lost her husband. so the owner was extra back/ developing now -- u-c's police chief is is his right hand man -- and new at six we're hearing from the man tasked with filling those shoes.all of this coming just weeks after an outside group started looking at the department. department.nine on your side's evan millward is live on campus now. student leadership here tells us these resignations were unexpected.but university leaders are more guarded. chief jason goodrich and major tim thornton resigned this
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named chief in october 20-14. in an interview minutes ago - public safety director james whalen told me there were -quote- gaps in management and oversight.but whalen says he didn't know specifics - until that third party report comes out this summer.that thrid party brought in a couple weeks ago as part of sweeping changes since the shooting death of sam dubose during an off-campus traffic stop. i expected from the top-to-bottom review, and i've announced this to the agency, that there are going to be uncomfortable moments. there are going to be times when we are going to have to reflect and be very humble and accept the recommendations and move on and so we are prepared to do that. () i askerd whalen about a timeline for a new chief - but the job hasn't been posted yet - and he wants to see some recommendations from that outside reviewer.until then - whalen will also be interim on u-c's campus,
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frustration and confusion... confusion...those are the emotions of a middletown family after learning the man arrested in the murder of brittany russell will not face murder charges. at least right now.dayton police arrested carr on suspicion of murder. but the montgomery county prosecutor's office says there will be no charges pending further investigation. "that could be it they could be trying to like backtrack crossing their t's and dotting their i's which i would try to do myself." myself."you'll recall brittany russell was found slumped over her steering wheel in front of a dayton apartment complex shot to death. her six month vehicle unharmed. the tri-state heroin epidemic is taking too many lives... so a new way to stop it. it. they want *you* to say -- "not in my neighborhood".it's
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getting drug pushers and users off the streets.nine on your side's t-j parker has reaction from those -- who hope it creates change. t.j.: "the folks here at joseph house- work with heroin users all the time. i talked with a former user- today- who's hopeful this new program will make an impact. britton carter//former user: "40:50 it's going to take the whole community to raise up against this drug"britton carter knows all to well the impact heroin has.not only does he encourage current heroin users, here at the joseph house in over the rhine, to stop. but he- himself- is four years sober- after using the drug for decades. britton: "43:23 the heroin epidemic has stretched it's tentacles well into our homes"today- britton learned the hamilton county heroin coalition task force is starting a new program to get the community to report users and sellers- in hopes of battling this deadly epidemic. britton: "41:39 starting with the police department, that's a great idea to have all our community involved in this and to let the addict know, we're
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lindsey//harrison police chief: "19:33 if you are dealing drugs stop we will arrest you"strong words- today- as the task force introduced their idea. tom synan//newtown police chief: "16:19 the police chiefs who represent each community in hamilton county are determined to stop the negative impact of heroin and opiates in which they have had on our communities"director for the task force and newtown police chief- tom synan- says by getting the public involved- it allows law enforcement- in all neighborhoods- to take a stand against the drug. synan: "15:42 those who are directly impacted by this epidemic, the neighborhoods, can reclaim their community"t.j.: "as part of this initiative- whenever police have to revive someone who has overdosed- they'll be handing out these cards- with information on how to get treatment. in over-the-rhine- t.j. parker, 9 on your side. ? there will also be a public forum thus coming tuesday at the u-c blue ash campus. leaders will discuss the heroin problem -- and ways police are trying to address the issue. if you're
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posted the information on our website... w-c-p-o-dot-com. police say he caused a swat team to evacuate an apartment building. building.and tonight -- antonio ball is charged with inducing panic.witnesses told police he tried to force his way into multiple elmwood place apartments.and when police arrived -- they say ball kept himself locked in an apartment -- possibly with a loaded gun. report cards on local schools are out -- but some say it's "too little, too late". late".the assessments of ohio school districts are based on "common core" testing... which was scrapped by the state after just one year of use. use.c-p-s received an "f" in the percertage of students who passed state tests.hamilton city schools scored the same. while mason city school district received an 'a'. but many say those results are worthless -- and came out too late!w-c-p-o insiders can read which factors worth considering -- and the ones you should ignore. plans are moving forward to shrink the carlisle police
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get better pay. pay.the village wants to go from seven sworn patrol officers down to six.right now -- they pay starting officers just over 16 dollars an hour... that's the second- lowest pay of all departments in butler and warren counties. the new starting pay would be 19 dollars and 28 cents. no one would *lose* their job under this plan -- as two officers have left the force in recent months.the village is now negotiating with the police union. it's more than just a sleepover...tonight -- more than a-thousand teens will spend the night at the cintas center... to help raise money for childhood cancer. cancer.this is video of last year's "night for the fight"'s a 12-hour fundraiser for "cancer-free kids"... a cincinnati group funding pediatric cancer research.last year's event raised 93-thousand starts at seven. a plan to let alcohol offenders get an indiana gun license won't go through this year. year.the bill's sponsor said
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from multiple groups -- including domestic violence was one of two plans shut down in indianapolis today.the other would have let leglislative employees carry weapons *in the statehouse*. kentucky is being flagged by a national group -- for not doing enough to stop accidental gun deaths. deaths.john hopkins university says seven states have disproportionately high rates of unintentional gun deaths. they also conclude that kentucky doesn't have laws requiring the safe storage of guns.opponents say the government has no right to determind how people keep themselves safe at home.the study found kentucky has seven- hundred gun deaths for every 100-thousand children in the last 15 years. what do you guys have coming up? up? if you are heading out to a fish fry this evening, bundle up the family. the weekend is looking flat out fantastic.
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and maybe after that fish..there's a basketball game on the schedule. it's a big tournament weekend. a reason to live...(sot) ((11:25))"tell me about this guy. in that picture there, i had just gotten out of prison. :28 alcoholic, drug addict. didn't care about anyone but myself." the way this man turned his life around...(sot) 15:04"we've heard your story. we think you're wonderful."and the surprise we have for him...
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an update on that breaking news in sunman, indiana.a three year old shot on van wedding road.we now know the coroner is responding to that scene... but no word on the
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year-old.police are arriving at the scene soon to talk with our crew on the ground.we'll bring you updates as we learn more. sometimes -- we just need a second chance.and there are some folks in the tri-state who make a poor decision -- and end up in a bad, dark place. place.shawn james has left that dark place behind and turned his life around -- and now he just needs a little help.nine on your side anchor tanya o'rourke joins us now with his story. shawn james was in a gang, addicted to drugs and alcohol... but he faced his demons and today, he's working to save other peoples lives.we thought that entitled him to a little help from 9 on your side. "tell me about this guy.""in that picture there, i had just gotten out of prison. :28 alcoholic, drug addict. didn't care about anyone but myself." :34 :342 -years ago, shawn james was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. addiction."what was the lowest point for you, do you remember?"umhm. homeless and
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that was the low. i hit rock bottom and i had nowhere to go. :23 nobody wanted me. and in my mind, i was a failure. and i just needed help. i needed a reason to live again. to smile again. to enjoy life again andthe salvationarmy gave me that opportunity." :37 :37now, 18 months sober... james works for the salvation army -- and spends his free time on the streets downtown ministering to others -- trying to help them to change their lives.but even while sober, the challenges are terrifying. james is diabetic -- and ended up in i-c-u. his medical bills total around $125,000 $125,000"i nearly died. i was on a ventilator and had a stint put in my neck and was in a coma for two days." "i can't imagine what the hospital bills are like." "yeah, they're high. but godsgetting me through it. "we'd like to help get you
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side this month is doing a surprise patrol. we've heard your story. we think you're wonderful. we wanted to give you something $500. maybe it will help your life and continue to let you give to others."thank you so much. god is good. i didn't expect this." this."can i get a hug?thank you so much. oh you are so welcome. the surprise patrol has had a terrific time giving little gifts of love, hope and, of course, cash. we hope you have enjoyed it too. we have
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weather summary: skies stay cloudy to mostly cloudy all day long and this will really hold back our temperatures. highs will only reach the mid 30s this afternoon. if you are heading out to a fish fry this evening, bundle up the family. the weekend is looking flat out fantastic! high pressure moves into the ohio valley and it ensures that both days are mostly sunny. temperatures improve to 50 on saturday. winds increase from the southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top out in
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it's another step along the touirnament trail this weekend....ohio, kentucky and
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boys and girls tournament basketball. basketball.the number one seeded mason comets have a date tonight at lakota west...the comets will take on 15th seeded middletown.-number three seeded moeller will tip it off in fairfield tonight. the crusaders take on 7th seeded oak hills. mike dyer of wcpo dot com says the clark montessori boys are back in the tournament. they were disqualified earlier in the week, but dyer says the school proved it wasn't aware of a player who violated the state's residency rule. clark will play roger bacon on saturday. the boys at jac cen del high school in osgood indiana won the state title in the girls will try to match it.-the lady eagles will play for the one-a championship saturday morning in indianapolis.-it's not a fluke....the lady eagles have been close before..and this
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this isn't a big school...only about 50 to 80 in a graduating glass-but every youngster from every age marched this afternoon into the gym...-and they danced and they shouter and they cheered on the eagles...-it's funny.....little schools can sometimes have the biggest of pep rallies. it seems like we say this every's another important game for the uc bearcats to win this weekend. a lot of experts have them on the bubble for the upcoming tournament..they won't want to stumble. stumble.saturday, the bearcats are at east carolina...a team they beat just two weeks...but it's a team that beat uc in greenville a year ago...will mick cronin bring that up? ((i won't even bring that up....if we worry about things like that at this stage of the
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also saturday...kentucky plays at vanderbilt, dayton is home against rhode island, miami is home against kent, xavier plays sunday at seton hall. another one of those boring, sunny, warm, it feels like summer days in goodyear arizona for the reds. this is one of the reds pitchers we are familiar with. anthony deslafani pitched well a year ago....he's the likely reds starter on opening day. ((that would be real be able to pitch on opening day. all i want to do is go out there and get in my work and earn it.)) and now here's julie dolan we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. we are staying to top of the breaking news in sunman, indiana where a three year old
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side has been told the coroner is now on the way to the scene. we'll bring you the developing information at seven. "the nine on your side surprise patrol, sponsored by
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that's 9 on your side at six for this friday. friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy. and now try it like
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen om far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. tonight, right here, the the presidential race turning personal. the new attacks leveled tonight. rubio going after trump. and chris christie tonight, now saying it's time for president trump. breaking news, the motive in the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the notice the gunman got 90 minutes before the shootings. the new head line about the


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